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Dear Little Ones books

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Dear Little Ones (Book 1):
Hope, Help, and Healing for Your Inner Children


Dear Little Ones (Book 2):
Helping Your Inner Children Heal from Family Conflict


Dear Little Ones (Book 3):
Talking to Your Inner Children About Wholeness

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Jade Miller masterfully takes on a complex topic in addressing attachment pain from early childhood trauma.  I find the pain and distress from attachment disorders to be deeply embedded and difficult to recognize and heal due to their often non-verbal origins.  This book provides an invaluable and easy to absorb guide into that healing process, with compelling encouragement stemming from her own personal work.  I would say this is the most liberating book I have encountered in my journey to wholeness and dealing with the fallout of disorganized attachment injuries.  If you are struggling in relationships with over or under attaching to others, please pick up this book.

--Dr. Nigel Surridge

I can never keep this gorgeous book in the library for long because everyone who borrows it finds they NEED to own it. Sensitive, hopeful, and inclusive, Jade writes with warmth and insight. Highly recommended. 

Sarah K Reece, 

The Dissociative Inititative

I am French so sorry for my bad english ! I watched your Edelweiss movie. Thank you for putting it on YouTube for free! I myself am a person with dissociative identity disorder. hearing the experiences of other people like me does me a lot of good! Let it be you, Olga Trujillo, Jeni Haynes, Carolyn Spring ... you are all models, beacons on my road to rebuilding ... Thanks to you I know that I can make it happen, that I will make it happen! your 3 books, Dear Little Ones, have helped me a lot to accept to dialogue with my dissociative parts and to accept them as positive and necessary in my system of parts. The positive and benevolent message, borrowed from freedom and choice, love and respect that they give off, helped me a lot inside. Thank you from the heart!


Trouble Dissociatif de l'Identité

When I found this book, it made us cry. Jade helped me understand how to talk to the younger parts in a way that they could understand, that I could understand. Helping us to tell the littles why we are a ‘we.’ She explained how to deal with angry alters, self-blame, and choosing to grow up (or not). Most of all this book gave me the knowledge that we are not alone! That someone really, finally understood! This is a gift beyond measure. Jade, thank you so much for this life changing book.

Sloan Rene Smith

Reviews for Dear Little Ones (Book 1)

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