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About Jade Miller

Jade Miller was born in east Tennessee. She is a survivor of ritual abuse and human trafficking, peer support worker, trauma recovery support group facilitator and author. 

Jade has been writing since she was a young child, illustrating her own stories and winning writing awards in elementary school all the way through high school. She studied creative writing and editing in college, and made her publishing debut with the first Dear Little Ones book in 2015. Two additional Dear Little Ones books
followed, as well as an ebook on attachment theory. Her books have been translated into several languages and have received international attention and praise from trauma survivors and therapists. She is also working on her first novel and a memoir.

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Jade believes that the idea of one single cohesive “personality” is mostly a social construct. She suspects that universal multiplicity is much more likely – the concept that every person is a collection of self-states, and their upbringing and life experiences determine the level of awareness and cooperation between those self-states.

Jade is a peer support worker to people who identify as multiple or plural and/or have Dissociative Identity Disorder. She also offers education for mental health professionals drawing from her lived experiences and a private social media group for other multiples.


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